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Manage the storage of your cargo and inventory.

We Support Your Competitive Advantage

We can integrate different platforms with our EDI application. This can give our clients the ability to have the information in their hands before items arrive to the warehouse. Receiving in transit inventory information from outside vendors is possible via EDI. So, as items arrive, we scan the barcodes on packages or pallets, and your WMS database is updated in real time.

Your Warehouse Receipts include, besides the cargo documents, photographs of all items received so there is always reliable data in the event it is needed.

Our WMS use barcodes to assign a code to each rack location in the warehouse and each item. This feature gives us the ability to easily located shipments, for customs inspections, or transfers to another warehouse. Your cargo inventory can be controlled by part number, SKU, and/or serial numbers.

When quantities are low, you will get an automated Inventory alert notice of this issue and it can automatically place the order to your favorite supplier so you do not miss a sales opportunity.

You can create your own reports with inventory manager software to see what is on hand, items that are arriving, how much cargo went in and out during a certain time period, and more.

In short, our State of the Art WMS can provide the tolls to support you competitive advantage.

With our WMS we can control every step of the process with barcodes from arrival at the receiving docks, to storage, to pick up and load. This gives you the ability to have reliable information from the get go, reducing errors and speeding up the receiving, moving, picking, loading, and releasing of cargo.