Receiving i Logistics USA

The following guide tells you how to properly ship your products to i Logistics USA, to avoid delays, extra charges and discrepancies.

A few very important things to remember:

  • All receivings occurs between Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm (EDT)

  • Each box, pallet, or container you ship to us must have an “WR” receiving element created for it prior to Shipping your products to our Warehouse. To create a new WR (Warehouse Receipt) you must send an-email to your client care specialist with the Tracking Number, and quantities by SKU. You supplier prepare the packing slip should clearly outline the associated SKUs and quantities.

  • Each shipment must be clearly labeled with your company name as follows:

1. (i Logistics USA / YOUR COMPANY NAME) and the WR Number on the outside of the box, pallet or container. If your supplier doesn’t add the WR on the boxes or pallets, please make sure you send us the TRACKING NUMBER OR BOL NUMBER when we create your WR with your client care specialist.

2. Each SKU must be in its own box/bag. There can be no mixed SKU cartons. For example, if you have a t-shirt with 5 different sizes, each size has to be in its own box/bag.

3. Each box/bag has to be clarly marked with the SKU and quantity (QTY) on the outside of the box.

4. Each item must have SKU pasted with a barcode.

5. Standard Pallet Dimensions 40 x 48 x 55inch (height). If the product comes on a pallet doesn’t fit the standard criterio, our receiving team Will have to restructure (Special Project) your pallet to fit the standard criterio.

6. Doing all these steps will help you save time and money when receiving your merchandise in our warehouse.

Download the following guide and send it to your manufacturer:

Receiving i Logistics USA
Download PDF • 642KB

If you have more questions, contact us by WhatsApp at +17863274369 and we will answer you as soon as possible.