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Kitting Solutions That Your Business Needs

Whether you have a small business of large business, you have to deal with logistics. Your business has so many logistics needs that take up lots of time and money. One of the hardest logistics processes to navigate is kitting! In this article, we’ll look at kitting solutions, what they are and why they’re important, and what other services i Logistics USA offers.

What is kitting and assembly?

Kitting and assembly is a fulfillment service offered by most third-party logistics (3PL) providers that involves packaging items that arrive as separate pieces into a single grouping in advance of it being ordered by customers.

The need for kitting and assembly services may come from the way a product was manufactured or shipped, or an upcoming promotion that requires an offering to be packaged a certain way in bulk.


Product kitting is the process of taking multiple products with unique SKUs and bundling them into one unit with a unique SKU. Often, these products are priced lower when bundled into a packaged, kitted order.

Some examples of kitted products include gaming sets, products with more than one piece, pre-assembled products, and subscription boxes.

Product kitting can help your business make more sales. In addition, it can help with your product marketing strategy. Kitted orders encourage consumers to buy more products when they are all bundled together.

Consumers are more willing to buy items that come together in a convenient, lower priced bundle than if they had to buy all the items separately at higher prices.


Kitting is often referred to as “kitting and assembly” the assembly part is just the actual process of putting together the kits. Assembly services are usually done on assembly lines at warehouses to streamline the process. Assembly can be very difficult If done in house. Assembling kitted orders takes up a lot of space, time, and resources!

Batch Kitting

Batch kitting is very helpful if most of the products that your company sells are orders with multiple items. This process includes pre-packing kitted items so they’re ready to ship as soon as customers order them. Batch kitting allows for fast, effective order fulfillment with batch kitted orders all ready to go. If individual items are high in demand, batch kitting might not be the most effective option for you.

For example, if a gaming company often sells a console, controller, and game together, batch kitting those items might streamline the order fulfillment process for the company.

How does i Logistics USA handle kitted orders?

i Logistics USA has perfected the art of kitting. i Logistics USA can quickly and accurately fill kitted orders of any size. So, stop filling your time fulfilling kitted orders and hand that responsibility over to i Logistics USA. i Logistics USA ensures that you have more time to focus on other important aspects of your business like marketing and product development!

Other Services

i Logistics USA offers many other warehousing and distribution services. The company offers order fulfillment, distribution/shipping, warehousing, logistics, pick and pack services, packaging procurement, shrink wrapping, collating, cloud-based warehouse management and inventory services for your ecommerce or your B2C/B2B.

iLogistics USA has a facility, located in Miami, Florida. i Logistics USA has the ability to serve businesses across the country and ship orders quickly from the East Coast!

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