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Connect iLogistics USA to Your Online Store

Updated: Mar 22

At iLogistics USA, we want to simplify and make Logistics easy for you to have more time to do the things that matter. Before focusing on your brand or going on vacation, we first have to connect your online store to iLogistics USA.

Connect to your Online Stores

Connecting to an online store is easy as pie.

  • Once logged into iLogistics USA, click on “Stores” on the left-hand menu.

  • Click the “Add Store” button.

  • Select your ecommerce store from the provided choices. If your store is not on the list, contact us through the intercom chat to let us know.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to immediately connect your online store to iLogistics USA.

  • Repeat steps if you have more than one online store.

  • You can test the connection status to the store by clicking the “Test Connection” button.

Your store records include your inventory, items that are being ordered, and items that have been shipped out already to your customers

Sync your Products

Sync your products to start the money rolling while keeping your inventory updated.

  • Click on “Products” on the left-hand menu.

  • Click the “Add” Button, and select store.

  • This step will download the product list from the online store you connected to the iLogistics USA portal.

  • Choose the ones you want to save in your portal by checking the box beside the product (or check all).

  • Repeat these steps if you have more than one store.

  • Follow this process again if you would like to add new products to your iLogistics USA portal. This step will only load new ones and not overwrite previous ones.

Connect Warehouse (iLogistics USA) and Products

There are two types of Warehouses available in iLogistics USA.

  • Click on “Warehouses” on the left-hand menu.

  • Click the “Add Warehouse” button.

  • Partner Warehouse (With Warehouse ID):

  • If you work with a partner who stores your Inventory in their warehouse and fulfills your orders, click “Partner Warehouse.”

  • Assign products to the warehouse by clicking the button with the two-way arrows (“Sync Products”) in the warehouse screen.

  • This opens a screen where you can select the specific products to be kept in inventory at this warehouse.

  • Click on the checkmark next to the items you want to assign and click the “Assign Products” button. This will automatically route the orders to that Warehouse for picking, packing, and shipping.

  • Having a partner warehouse allows you to track shipping with FedEx®, UPS®, and USPS®.

In the same way, our team is ready to give you a Team View assistance for more information contact us by phone +1 (305) 909-0400 or complete the following form CLICK HERE! and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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