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Kitting & Assembly


Product kitting is the process of bundling of individual items into ready-to-ship packages. And when you need kitting or assembly work to create a completed product or package, we can help. Our services range from simple collating to multi-component product assembly.

One of the common problems with distribution packages is having several different suppliers supplying the components, resulting in needing kitting and assembly services to arrange the package. At i Logistics USA, we assemble the kit from all of the different components and then meet orders on a distribution schedule. We offer support along the entire process from the design to the production of components. We have a wealth of expertise in Kitting and Assembly, and whether the items are in print, electronic, or point-of-sale, we offer full support and will utilize our custom kitting and assembly services.

At iLogistics USA we keep our product Kitting and Assembly Services versatile because we believe this is where we can offer the maximum benefit to the client. For simple kits, we place a few components in a box or bag as required. For complex kits, we can create the type of kit you want, from die-cut boxes made from various materials with trays to custom-built boxes. Talk with us about what you specifically want and we can almost always accommodate.


Our team excels at:

  • Collating and kitting of promotional kits, beauty, educational materials, and other products

  • Breaking bulk material into individual units

  • Kit building for retail points of sale

  • Kitting several items—such as hair care products—into one unit

  • Light assembly

  • Re-labeling projects

  • Gifting Solution


Curious if your products are right for kitting? We can help with that, too.

Allow us to show you the difference that we can make for your Kitting and Assembly business

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