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Our Integrations

E-commerce Store Connections

At iLogistics USA, we are able to directly connect with a number of popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. 

By making a direct connection, we are able to receive orders and push inventory updates and other updates back and forth between the systems. This allows us to operate alongside your business and keep information as up to date as possible.

The following eCommerce platforms are currently supported:


CartRover provides additional integrations for connections not directly available.

Using CartRover, orders, inventory, and tracking information will be communicated seamlessly with your account. You will need to create a separate CartRover account if you plan on using this option with ShipHero.


Other Integration Options 

If you're using an e-commerce platform that cannot use any of the above integrations, there are two further options for communicating data between your store and i Logistics USA:

  • Import orders via a CSV upload. Here is our Knowledge Base article on our CSV process 

  • Build a connection using our WMS API.

Don't see yours?

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