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Let I Logistics USA do your order fulfillment.

Order Fulfillment. We Got Your Back.

We are capable of storing items, receiving orders, packaging, and then shipping items to customers. I Logistics USA, can save you time and money by putting our fulfillment expertise to work for you, freeing your people to more efficiently use their time and reducing your need for expensive storage space.

If you are a small business that is growing, or a large corporation we have the perfect solution to your needs. I Logistics USA has the flexibility to quickly scale our fulfillment efforts to your changing needs. If you’re like many of our customers, your fulfillment needs fluctuate throughout the year. Our efficient processes and experienced personnel enable us to accommodate the highs and lows of the season or year.

Housing products and keeping track of incoming and outgoing orders can get overwhelming very quickly.

I Logistics USA can offer your business the following services:

  • Storage and warehousing of your product until orders come in. Warehousing can also be furnished for temperature sensitivity, or special protection.
  • Order processing through an online shopping cart, email, file upload or a manual input through a client portal.
  • “Pick and Pack” service whereby an item is selected from your stock and then packaged for individual order. Identification of the product or customized notes can be added to the package if desired.
  • And all intergrade without TMS platform that can automate your process even further were you can input the destination and have different shipping costs from a wide variety of transportation providers.
  • Within in our 14,000 SQF facility we can allocate a specific area to your project
  • Real time inventory control, low inventory alerts and all the futures of our integrated WMS are available for our Fulfillment clients.

Clients Fulfillment

I Logistics USA can become a great asset to a quickly-expanding business. We can provide your company with the extra space and resources it needs to package and ship as many orders as possible to eager customers. When considering hiring a fulfillment provider, think of I Logistics USA as your long term partner.