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Big Box Retail Delivery Program

Extreme reliability and precision to our customers.

Our Big Box Retail Delivery Program offers extreme reliability and precision for the value to our customers.

We understand the difficulties of working with big box stores as they have very specific set of compliance requirements. Failing to follow these stringent vendor parameters can lead to charge-backs and the possible loss of business.

I Logistics USA Big Box Retail Delivery program can help you avoid the costs of noncompliance and better manage your scorecard results. Our big Box retail delivery program offers extreme reliability and precision for the value to our customers. Our delivery process ensures shipments are received according to plan within the MABD environment, shipments will not deliver early or late.

In addition to all the operational requirements, many retailers also have specific compliance and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements that can be difficult to manage effectively. The usage of our EDI system adds efficiencies to your entire process, from order processing and pickup to delivery.

Your Single-Source Provider

We have long-term relationships with major retailers and understand their delivery requirements; our goal is to limit our client’s risk in this area by shipping on-time, accurate orders in accordance with retailers’ vendor compliance requirements and routing guides.

Under our Big Box retail delivery program, the specific requirements that pertain to the shipment of goods for each retailer are maintained and adhered when shipping the product to the various vendors. We can also organize and deliver the required EDI transmissions required by your retailers allowing you to easily implement an EDI compliant program and avoid the “charge-backs” often associated with the lack of EDI compliance or vendor guideline conformance. Our reporting capabilities allow you to easily monitor deliveries for proof of compliance with MABD windows

By using I Logistics USA Big Box retail Delivery program you will increase your business with big box retailers through preferred vendor status, prevent charge back fines and you will have the tools and data to fight charge backs if imposed.